The main function of the solar panel module EL tester

- Mar 13, 2018-

The solar panel module EL tester is mainly used for defect detection of crystalline silicon. In practical applications, it can be used in conjunction with the production line to achieve automatic loading and unloading, automatic testing, manual marking of defects, and preservation in the local or far End database. In general, the solar panel module EL tester has the advantages of high sensitivity, fast detection speed, and intuitive image.


The reason why it has such superior performance, first of all, in the solar panel module EL tester specially configured PC control software, which can be achieved through the Ethernet interface with the customer system docking, transmission of test results and alarm information, and based on customer demand Custom features. For the user, the device is a key device for improving the quality of photovoltaic modules.


The use of solar panel module EL tester to achieve product testing, so you can more fully understand the internal problems of solar cells, to provide the basis for improving the production process, improve product quality, the problem component can be repaired in time, but also can effectively reduce the loss.


The solar panel module EL tester is mainly composed of three major parts. The first part is the imaging system. You know, excellent image quality can greatly improve work efficiency. It can further enhance image quality, coupled with integrated design, simple interface and easy maintenance.


The second part is called the motion control unit. For the solar panel module EL tester, this part is mainly responsible for the process control of the equipment and the manual function debugging of the single function module. The motion control unit collects the state of the sensor to control the workflow of the device, and at the same time acquires the working status of each unit through the sensor. The last part is the computer control system of the solar panel module EL tester.