The structure and characteristics of the automatic mould placing machine

- May 06, 2019-

The automatic mould placing machine comprises a frame, a moving table disposed on the frame, and a template adsorption device disposed on the moving table. The frame is provided with a feeding conveyor for conveying the photovoltaic glass plate, and the template adsorption device is used. In the adsorption template, the moving table drives the template adsorption device to move the template adsorbed to the target position on the photovoltaic glass plate.


The moving direction of the feeding conveyor of the automatic placement template machine is parallel to the extending direction of the length of the photovoltaic glass plate; the formwork frame can be detachably fixed on the frame, and the formwork frame is arranged directly above the middle part of the long side of the photovoltaic glass plate, and the formwork frame is arranged A plurality of templates are stacked in this order from bottom to top.


The automatic placement of the template machine fully completes the template suction action, the material movement action and the discharge action; the overall structure of the device is simple, small in size, small in floor space, and the template suction, material and discharge operations are consistent and stable, and the precision is high; It can effectively improve the efficiency of plate placement and reduce the manufacturing cost of equipment.