The structure and characteristics of the robot glass automatic loading machine

- Dec 06, 2018-

The robot automatic glass machine is a special robot for the glass industry. It has the dual advantages of special machinery and application robot. It is suitable for the front end of the cleaning machine and the lower end of the cleaning machine. The front end of the edger is the upper piece and the rear end is the lower piece. The front end of the line, the back end of the film, etc., can balance low-e glass and photovoltaic solar glass.


The robot automatic upper glass machine includes a frame, an X-axis moving seat, an X-axis driving mechanism, a lifting seat, a lifting drive mechanism, a Y-axis moving arm, a Y-axis driving mechanism, an O-axis moving seat, an O-axis driving mechanism, and an H-axis driving mechanism. And the capture mechanism and other components. The X-axis moving seat is movably mounted on the frame, and is driven by the X-axis driving mechanism to move in the X-axis direction; the lifting seat can be lifted and lowered on the X-axis moving seat, and the lifting driving mechanism drives the lifting seat for lifting movement.


The Y-axis moving arm of the robot automatic upper glass machine can be moved and mounted on the lifting seat, the Y-axis driving mechanism drives the Y-axis moving arm to move along the Y-axis direction; the O-axis moving seat can be moved and mounted on the Y-axis moving arm, the O-axis The driving mechanism drives the O-axis moving seat to move in the O-axis direction; the H-axis driving mechanism is mounted on the O-axis moving seat, and the H-axis driving mechanism drives the grasping mechanism to rotate, and the grasping mechanism is used for grasping the glass piece.


Not only that, the robot glass automatic loading machine multiple safety protection design; faster 8 seconds upper and lower film cycle; three-axis linkage robot, precise positioning and stacking. The robot automatic glass machine can be flexibly connected to each glass processing equipment, and it is convenient and simple to operate with one button.