The typesetting process and characteristics of Battery string arrangement machine

- Apr 01, 2019-

The production process of the battery assembly includes monolithic welding, string welding, lamination, lamination, framing, cleaning, electrical performance testing, and packaging. The process involved is a lamination process, which is the latter process of the battery chip string welding, that is, the battery string typesetting machine process.


The Battery string arrangement machine is the following equipment of the automatic string welding machine, which can correspond to two high-speed automatic string welding machines; four servo motors, two stepping motors and six speed regulating motors are used for speed regulation, and the speed can be produced according to actual conditions. Need to adjust automatically.


The battery string typesetting machine quickly and accurately transports the battery string to a designated place after the battery string of different length specifications comes from the pipeline. Generally, after the six battery strings are full, the next cycle is entered. Due to the product coming from the pipeline, there will be errors in the position and angle of each line, so the servo motor needs to be used for angle and position correction every time.


When it is detected that there is a product on any of the pipelines, the X-axis moves to the pipeline to capture the product; after the product is grabbed, the sensor moves to the yellow-marked sensor to stop. At this time, the angle and position are corrected; after the correction is completed, Place them in the middle of the glass. There should be two points in the placement rules: First, the placement position should be set on the basis of the last placement position, and the gap set on the HMI should be set. Second, every other time, the battery string should be rotated 180 degrees to distinguish The battery is positive and negative.