The use and advantages of robot automatic loader machine

- Mar 20, 2018-

When it comes to robot automatic loader machine, this time, it is an earth-and-rock type machine that can be widely used in roads, railways, buildings, hydropower, ports, mines and other construction projects, and it is mainly for robotic autoloaders. That is, it can be used for shoveling soil, gravel, lime, coal and other series of bulk materials, and can also directly perform light shoveling operations on ore and hard soil.


For the robot automatic loader machine, it is also possible to do earthmoving, lifting and loading and unloading of other materials such as wood if different auxiliary work devices are replaced. In the construction of roads, especially high-grade highways, robotic autoloaders are used for subgrade engineering, filling and excavation, asphalt mixing, and aggregate and loading of cement concrete yards.


In addition to the above, robot automatic loader machine can also perform operations such as pushing soil, leveling the ground, and pulling other machinery. When the robotic autoloader is actually used, the operation speed is relatively fast. After that, the efficiency of the robotic loader is relatively high, and it is better for the maneuverability to dispose of the robotic loader. Therefore, it becomes the main machine for earthwork construction in engineering construction. Kind of one.


The robotic autoloader is divided into two types, a tire type and a track type, depending on the type of travel device. The tire loader consists of a power unit, a frame, a traveling device, a transmission system, a steering system, a braking system, a hydraulic system, and a working device, and has a simple structure.


For the tire-type robotic auto-loader, the diesel engine is used as the power device, and the hydromechanical transmission system consisting of hydraulic torque-changing, power shift transmission, and double-bridge drive (small-sized wheel loader adopts hydraulic transmission or mechanical transmission. ), The use of hydraulic control, articulated frame steering, reverse lever mechanism work device. When it is actually used, it will be more effective and easier to use.