The use characteristics and operation requirements of the robot automatic glazing machine

- Jul 14, 2018-

The robot automatic glazing machine mainly uses the robot language VAL3 to develop the polishing software. In the process of operation, the tool system will be effectively calibrated, path management and signal control, integrated in production monitoring, etc., to achieve a certain degree of effective security. And convenient production.

The robot automatically on the glass opportunity to expound the robot from the aspects of programming method, structure, communication method and control algorithm. To some extent, it can effectively derive the differential solution method of the robot Jacobian matrix according to the link transformation matrix. The Jacobian matrix condition number index evaluates the maneuverability of the robot workspace.

The robot automatically takes the glass opportunity to study the path problem of the workpiece grinding type of the robot. To a certain extent, according to the direction of the robot end tool and the tangential direction of the motion track, the CPM movement is obtained. The pattern of the grinding path program.