The working principle, main features and application fields ofBattery string lining up machine

- Jun 28, 2018-

Solar cell modules are the end products of the photovoltaic industry chain and are widely used in solar lighting, lighting, user power supply, road traffic, construction and photovoltaic power stations. The production process of the battery assembly includes: single-piece welding, string welding, lamination, lamination, frame mounting, cleaning, electrical property testing, and packaging and storage. It can be seen that theBattery string lining up machine is used in the stacking of products. The link is a post process of battery string welding.


The battery string typesetting machine can quickly and accurately transport the battery string to a specified place after the string of batteries of different lengths comes from the assembly line. Generally, after the six battery strings are full, the next cycle is entered. Because of the flow of products, each time the position and angle will have errors, so each time you need a servo motor for angle and position correction.


The battery string typesetting machine is the next equipment of the automatic string welding machine and can correspond to 2 high-speed automatic string welding machines. It mainly includes an automatic feeding mechanism, a tape processing mechanism, a servo positioning transport mechanism, a CCD appearance detection and positioning system, Welding mechanism, lower cell preheating unit, belt transfer mechanism, flip surface collecting mechanism and other parts.


The battery string typesetting machine adopts 4 servo motors, 2 stepping motors and 6 speed-adjusting motors for speed regulation, so the speed can be automatically adjusted according to the actual production needs during the operation; at the same time, the pressureless infrared lamp welding is adopted. , Servo motor drive, industrial camera positioning detection, automatic removal of damaged battery, according to need, set the battery spacing, single string battery number, welding temperature, easy to operate.


At present, the battery string typesetting machine is mainly used for automatic crystal silicon solar battery string welding machine, which is suitable for tandem welding of crystal silicon solar cells. It can replace artificial stacking. On the one hand, the typesetting is fast and efficient; = neat typesetting and low cracking rate; on the other hand, due to the smart operation and strong controllability of the equipment, the human intervention is reduced and the typesetting accuracy is improved.