TPT cutting lay up device has low failure rate and simple operation

- Mar 11, 2019-

TPT cutting lay up device is easy to operate, low failure rate, stable and cutting speed. Our unique professional testing program has high cutting precision. TPT cutting device can make the knife belt into isosceles triangle and enhance cutting precision. .

The sharpening work and cutting work of the TPT cutting device are respectively controlled by circuit, and do not interfere with each other mainly by using a circular saw blade to form a large piece of roll sponge, foam, shoe, EVA, pearl cotton, leather, honeycomb paperboard, etc. The material is cut into strips or blocks.

TPT cutting device materials
1. EPE, EVA, foam, sponge, EPP, EPS and other foaming materials;
2, honeycomb paper, corrugated paper and other cardboard;
3, non-woven fabrics, loofah cloth, curtain fabrics, leather, mats and other materials.