Turning wall structure and humanized design of Automatic Glass Loading Machine

- Jul 12, 2018-

In the process of operation, the Automatic Glass Loading Machine mainly adopts the take-up mechanism and the suction cup to reverse the wall structure. To a certain extent, the film transfer structure is automatically turned on the glass machine to lift the lifting mechanism, which is mainly used by the electrical The control system and the vacuum system are partially composed.


The original piece of the Automatic Glass Loading Machine is turned from the vertical direction to the horizontal position. To a certain extent, it will be effectively transferred to the required work surface or the conveying line according to its model. The whole machine of the Automatic Glass Loading Machine is mainly used. The PLC is centrally controlled, humanized design and control, and the original glass is placed on both sides of the device. The operator selects the direction of the film/the number of glass pieces to be automatically controlled by the PLC.


The auto-on-glass machine can also use its manual mode for glass pick-up/release. The flipping from taking the film until the full set of motions is automatically completed. The whole machine is reasonable in design, easy to operate, and sensitive and reliable. The hydraulic system is used to complete the suction cup arm flipping, the reliable vacuum system suction plate, the slow positioning high-speed feeding function, the positioning is accurate, and the feeding is fast.