Use and composition of TPT cutting device

- Jul 30, 2018-

The TPT cutting device is a device for cutting a TPT polyvinyl fluoride composite film, which is used in a solar cell module package. Since it should have at least a three-layer structure, a common cutting device cannot cut it well. In place, this time you need a TPT cutting device.


The outer protective layer PVF of TPT has good environmental corrosion resistance, the middle layer is polyester film with good insulation performance, and the inner layer PVF needs surface treatment and EVA has good bonding performance. The TPT cutting device comprises a base, and a safety mechanism is arranged outside the base with a cutting mechanism mechanism.


Inside the safety door, there are components such as a cutter punch, a tool template, a piston and a guide post. The guide post is fixedly disposed on the base, the piston sleeve is disposed on the guide post and can slide up and down along the guide column, and the cutter punch Fixedly connected to the piston, the tool template is fixed on the punch of the cutter punch. The TPT cutting device can effectively cut the TPT and prevent delamination of the product after cutting, which improves the competitiveness of the product.