What are the advantages of the automatic mould placing machine?

- Jun 04, 2019-

The automatic mould placing machine adopts the numerical control frequency conversion automatic technology, which realizes the electromechanical integration of the planking process, and achieves many advantages of reducing cost, saving materials, reducing costs, improving production efficiency, easy management, environmental protection and energy saving, etc. , sawing, picking up the board.


The slabs of the automatic placement of the stencil are accurately positioned, neatly stacked, saving labor and materials; saving raw materials and increasing the output rate; the boarding efficiency is greatly improved, which can be increased by more than 25%; the slab structure is reasonable, avoiding the heavy seam of the compartment. A major defect greatly increases the intensity; reduces the number of semi-finished products turnover, greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers, saves labor space, and improves the utilization rate of the workshop.


The automatic placement of the template machine is well-made, the strength of the fuselage is large, the operation is more stable; the ultra-thick slab can be sawed, the operation and maintenance is very simple, the high-quality saw blade is used, the service life is long, the replacement is convenient; the automatic electronic control system, the cutting precision High, the cutting length can be set arbitrarily, and the memory production data can be stored for easy management.