What are the benefits of the application of the Battery string lining up machine?

- Apr 22, 2019-

The Battery string lining up machine is an independent automatic equipment on the automatic production line of the components. The equipment adopts various advanced automation technologies such as PLC, servo, machine vision, etc., and can be docked with the automatic assembly line to complete the automatic laying of the battery string on the glass EVA, which will automatically The finished assembly is delivered to the assembly line.


The battery stringer can mimic some of the motion functions of the human hand and the arm, and is used to grasp, transport, or operate the tool's automatic operation device in a fixed program. The utility model comprises at least one battery sheet conveying belt, a glass sheet conveying belt and a robot for transferring the battery sheet, thereby realizing automatic clamping and placing of the battery sheet, high degree of automation and good accuracy.


The battery is sucked by the suction nozzle on the suction cup of the battery stringer to reduce the damage rate of the battery and improve the reliability of the operation process. It can replace the heavy labor of people to realize the mechanization and automation of production, and can operate in harmful environment to protect personal safety. The battery string typesetting machine for solar cells can effectively improve work efficiency.