What are the characteristics of automatic cutting EVA lay up machine?

- Jun 03, 2019-

The automatic cutting EVA lay up machine is suitable for offline cutting components, semi-automatic work, safe and reliable operation, and the need to manually operate the coils and components. The equipment is driven by servo motor, gear rack and pinion, linear guide, which has the advantages of accurate positioning and stable operation.


During the process of automatic cutting EVA laying machine, the EVA/TPT material roll speed can be automatically adjusted according to the tension, which ensures the stable operation of EVA stretching; EVA/TPT cutting is the whole cutting type, which ensures the cutting is smooth and flat; The EVA/TPT cutting accuracy is ±2mm, and the EVA/TPT diagonal error is ±1.5mm after cutting. The main part of the equipment is equipped with a safety cover and a dust cover to ensure the safety of personnel.


Automatic cutting EVA laying machine is controlled by microcomputer program with high precision, adjustable cutting speed, full Chinese liquid crystal display, length and speed can be adjusted continuously continuously; batch pause and delay time can be set; automatic stop of material shortage; automatic cutting EVA laying machine can automatically cut all kinds of tubular and strip materials; cutting time protection; total setting; sub-setting; adjustable pause time.