What are the core functions of the solar panel module EL tester?

- Dec 10, 2018-

The core functions of the solar panel module EL tester include all-weather detection, preview framing, auto focus, Wifi wireless transmission and more. Filters and darkrooms specially developed for the solar panel module EL tester make all-weather detection possible; while the latest technology allows you to dynamically move the camera position to find the component in the center of the camera screen, as long as the image is in the preview mode. , you can get the best EL image, the on-site detection efficiency is 3 to 5 times that of the peer.


The new software and hardware technology in the solar panel module EL tester enables the image system to perform autofocus under near-infrared light before each shot of the EL picture, and can also be performed under fluorescent light without artificial interference, ensuring EL Image consistency.


The solar panel module EL tester uses a Wifi wireless transmission module independently developed by a third party to replace the original image system's own module, and can be equipped with a multi-platform APP to remotely control all parameters of the camera such as aperture, shutter, ISO, metering, white balance, etc. It can realize two ipad/smart devices connected to the camera at the same time, one control shooting, one monitoring, synchronous display real-time imaging picture, 150m operating range.


Specially developed for the demand characteristics of solar panel module EL test, light weight, optimized circuit design, perfect protection measures, easy to use, can charge 300~500 components in one charge, without the usual regulated power supply + tow board + external power 220V AC power supply.