What are the outstanding features of the Automatic placing mould device?

- Jun 26, 2018-

Due to the automation of the automatic placement of the stencil machine, the level of intelligence is high, so not only the skilled requirements of the workers are greatly reduced, but also for the manual cultivators, the machine can be operated without any training, and the qualified products can be efficiently produced. .


The Automatic placing mould device has intelligent point and line drawing functions. It prepares for the next production process before processing, saves labor, and makes every product that is made by standard; at the same time, it also avoids environmental pollution and improves efficiency. To the extreme, a great degree of improvement in product quality.


Due to the procedural control that is used to automatically place the stencil machine, all products can be guaranteed to be consistent in terms of standards, and special requirements can be easily achieved. Only one step can be added when the program is compiled, and the production of special products is required. It is more handy.


The automatic placement of the stencil machine can be applied not only to the processing of the stencil, but also to the operation without the stencil, and to the processing of various materials. In the production, no manual operation is required, and a template can be placed. After the completion of a template car, the next template is put on immediately. Cycle production will not waste time.


Automatic placement of the template machine can be programmed directly by manually reading the graphics, or it can be directly generated by the upper software using the DXF and PLT graphics generated by the CAD software. The format of the recognition is .DXF \.PLT \.DST \.AI or conversion with the upper software. You can run the program.


In addition, the Automatic placing mould device is also equipped with intelligent disconnection detection function and intelligent automatic template recognition function. When the line is broken, the machine can immediately pause, and the system can automatically identify the production procedure of different template patterns without manual selection. In addition, the device comes with a color touch screen digital Chinese and English interface control panel, making the automatic placement of the template machine operation more convenient, simple and easy to understand.