What are the powerful features of the EVA machine?

- Jul 09, 2019-

EVA machine can complete the main functions of material automatic feeding from material pneumatic feeding - rectification - unwinding traction - fixed length traction - glass gauge - EVA laying. The material is pneumatically loaded with pneumatic rising shaft, which can meet the material clamping of 400mm diameter; the ultrasonic correcting mechanism can meet the maximum correcting stroke of 100mm, and the correcting position can be adjusted to the limit stop.


The cutting motion motor of EVA laying machine is 1.5Kw power-off braking motor, the cross-cut fixed-length traction is 1.3Kw high-power stepping motor, using the whole-type cutter, the cutter positioning adopts guide column type, knife seat and cutting The cutting position can be adjusted; the drag roller is made of NBR material; all are polished alumina rolls.


The control part of the EVA paver adopts the color touch screen as the operation interface. Each traction roller and floating roller adopts the cylinder pressure damping mode; the machine can be rewritten into the program; the parameters of the operation interface can be visually adjusted. EVA laying machine laying rules, template laying part synchronous traction, pneumatic mechanical claw hand synchronous clamping drag; responsible for glass feeding and cutting machine to establish communication, glass front and rear left and right pneumatic limit gauge, position adjustable.