What is the core technology of the EL tester?

- May 09, 2019-

The EL tester is a special mobile detection device for detecting solar power plant components and incoming solar panels. It uses WiFi technology to solve wireless viewfinder remote control photo display and download, using imported core chip, equipped with Apple iOS APP and Android system platform, to solve the problem that traditional products can not focus, auto focus, remote control camera aperture size, ISO size , shutter speed exposure time, metering speed, white balance and other parameters.


The EL detector does not require manual focus and external infrared light to the manual pseudo-autofocus device such as range finder during the test. It can solve the problem that EL can't fully autofocus, and the test can be carried out faster and under fluorescent light without manual intervention.


The EL detector has an array detection system that can simultaneously test a square array of multiple component arrays, making the EL detection of the power station easier and faster. And portable power supply upgrades - the overall weight is lighter, the circuit design is more optimized, the protection measures are more perfect, and it is more convenient to use. Click to enlarge the high-definition picture, you can zoom in and see the subtle cracks, and it is convenient to query each problem component.