Working process and processing technology of solar panel automation equipment

- Jun 27, 2019-

In the process of working, the solar panel automation equipment introduces and integrates the intelligentization of the robot into the processing technology, and tailors it to the user's production requirements. It consists of feeding transmission, sawing, C-face punching, automatic upper corner code, inner B-side riveting point, length, hole position detection, automatic packaging and other processes. The photovoltaic frame production line is composed of two major modules: sawing line and press line. The bus control motion control system is adopted to meet the automation control requirements of the manufacturing process, achieving high efficiency, high precision and full automation. It provides intelligent automation solutions for PV frame manufacturers with low automation, unstable product quality and high work intensity.


The transportation, storage, management and control of materials for solar panel automation equipment are mainly realized by manual, and its real-time and intuitiveness are obvious advantages. The economic indicators of manual storage technology in initial equipment investment are also superior.


During the operation of solar panel automation equipment, materials can be moved and transported through a variety of conveyor belts, industrial conveyors, robots, cranes, stackers and elevators, and materials are stored on shelf pallets and removable shelves. By manually operating the mechanical access device, the control device is operated with limit switches, screw mechanical brakes and mechanical monitors. Mechanization meets people's requirements for speed, accuracy, height, weight, repeat access and handling.